African Tribal Chiefs 

Credit : Francesco Zizola

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Many faces




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Semen Shewa, Ethiopia. By Keith A H

any ideas on how to get women interested in software development ?

any ideas on how to get women interested in software development ?

Oh dear!

This is how i feel every morning Monday to Friday except for Sundays! 

Want To “Bang With Nobody”? Use Google+ 


Steve O’hear for TechCrunch:

When your product idea turns into a meme, you’re probably doing something right. I’m referring, of course, to Bang With Friends. It’s the controversial Facebook app that lets you privately nominate those in your Friends network you want to hook up with and alerts you if they feel the same way. This in turn gave rise to Bang With Professionals, a site that takes the same concept and applies it to LinkedIn.

And, not to be er, left out in the cold, today sees Google+ get the Bang With Friends treatment with the appropriately named Bang With Nobody.

Well played.


Stunning James Bond book covers by Michael Gillette, featuring classic Bond Girls such as Vesper Lynd, Honey Rider and Tracy Bond in vintage pinup form.  This was released for Ian Fleming’s 100th birthday in 2008 in a (tragically) limited run by Penguin.






Unbearable longing for my old beige velour Star Trek jersey with light blue insignia and metallic blue stripes at the wrists…… —A.P. 

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Looking forward to this



Urban surface


That quote was stolen

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Microsoft Surface RT Priced: 32GB For $499 Without Touch Cover, $599 With; 64GB For $699 


The pricing seems right. It’s not the insane $199 some were predicting/hoping for, but it’s roughly in line with the iPad, as it absolutely needed to be.

I do find it a little odd just how much Microsoft is playing up the Touch Cover. Look, it does seem cool (though as far as I know, no one outside the company has actually used one yet). But both here and in the initial commercial they’re making it seem like you’re going to need one.

That’s not a tablet. That’s a PC — a PC with a thin keyboard and a thick screen.

Yes, I love the Logitech thin keyboard for the iPad. But that’s only because I’m a writer with 30 years of physical keyboard baggage. I’m a (slowly) dying breed. And I still love using the iPad much more when it’s not “docked” to the keyboard — which is most of the time.

I’m not saying it’s a mistake to market the device this way — it may actually be smart — I just wasn’t expecting it to be so blatant.

The next question: if Apple unveils slightly modifies the old (new) iPads alongside the iPad mini next week, do they keep the price points the same? My guess would be yes, though that $399 price point becomes a wild-card. Right now, they sell the iPad 2 there. But with a move towards the Lightning adapter and some slightly different internals, maybe there’s an opportunity to switch things up. This wouldn’t be because of anything Microsoft is doing necessarily. But it certainly couldn’t hurt.

i feel like Porsche 964 Turbo III

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